This post is... My opinion. My vision of the future. Not financial advice.

Crypto is a funny thing. It's digital money. You trade fiat for crypto and vice-versa. If you couldn't trade crypto for fiat, though, would you ever even buy it at all? Probably not.

That's because most of the tokens out there - STEEM included - have no value when not paired with fiat. It is a decentralized system paired wih a completely centralized one. It won't work.

I mean, technically it could work, but because fiat is a requirement when dealing with such crypto, it is going to go wrong at some point. The dreaded Know Your Customer and other european policies of late are all of the proof you need.

All is well until fiat bosses start getting annoyed. But there is one kind of crypto that escapes this destiny: almost everything services-oriented. Because that service holds value to a holder of that token, regardless of how good or bad the global economy is.

This type of currency acts like a "gift-voucher", a credits certificate, but instead of holding a certain fiat value, it simply assures you will be delivered a certain product. Like getting your house cleaned. Or a monthly magazine, for as long as you hold enough of their tokens.

Ironically, this is still centralized, because that token can only be fulfilled by the company offering them. But if tokens offered by companies become commonplace, you will be able to trade whatever service-token you hold for whatever someone else holds, instantly.

Digital bartering led by companies and communities, without relying on fiat. That's where I believe the true decentralization path will lead.