How indie developers could take advantage of E3's fragmentation

It's become increasingly apparent E3 is fading away year after year. But this does open a new door to indies studio.

The potential business legacy of E3

Because E3 was largely made up of AAA developers, no indie gems would be featured in this events. Due to most of the big publishers moving away from the event, starting their own presentations, smaller devs might be able to partner up with them, creating marketing clusters.

This could open up doors for the more experienced but smaller developers, spending less money on marketing while exposing their game to a much larger crowd.

Of course, those developers would be considered "officially supported" by the biggest companies if they manage to get their booth on one of their events, so they would have to meet certain criteria and a minimum quality to be even considered in the first place.

Hopefully, these events would start a trend where one big title hosting an event would attract gamedevs and gamers who share some common interest in genres or themes in videogames and related businesses.